Saturday, December 13, 2008

The key skill in video

We were reminded again of the key video skills required in a job interview just this week. There is more to video than meets the eye. To produce good video is a skill. Skill comes with practice, learning, good equipment and most importantly a good story.

The most important part of video is the story. You need to be clear in your objectives and you need to plan the video for the user, the medium and for business purposes, you need to decide what the call to action will be.

Whats the story?
The beginning, middle and the end. Every story needs them. Each needs to be thought through carefully before you start - it takes effort, time and money to make your video engaging.

Consumers are engaged by television, so your production standards need to be high and your story telling needs to be good...

Frame your story
You need to frame your story from the start, get to the meat in the middle and close at the end - remember the call to action.

Keep it simple, focus on achieving your goals and do so in a way that would bear repeat watching...

Finally, for social media marketing you need a transcript and you need to upload it to the appropriate web sites.

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