Monday, December 8, 2008

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The intention to for this post was to be an initial top tip. Indeed we have quite a few in mind, we have penned around fifty to make sure we did not get stuck for ideas. Things like best fades, when to use them, what works; lighting; how to film outside in the sun with light behind you; 3 point lighting systems for indoor filming... And so much more.

But then we finally agreed that blow it, we should show some video. We thought we would use video to demonstrate some key points. How we could use the Ken Burns effect to bring life to stills and to accurately control the quality of a pan, whilst adding sound to make the whole image look real - that is how they do it on the TV - why not show how it is done on the web?

Sure, we made some mistakes over the years, heck that is why we have so much equipment. But then... then we came back to 'lets show some video'. So now we are going to show you some video, we can cover all this other stuff later.

So we hope instead that we have whet your appetite and like all the others, you will follow this blog to see how it develops and how you could use video to work for your business on line.

So first dah dah, without further ado... here are some examples of how we make video work for our business online. Afterall, you would not want to follow a blog on Video top tips if you could not see a video would ya?

The video on our front page has just taken a speed bump it loads faster and gets to the point quicker... Search Engine Marketing

After three years in the video business we have finally put together a showreel, which we think shows the length and breadth of our video marketing expertise... Video Production

This video is based on using green screen technology (you can't see it!) Email Marketing

Here we use green screen technology mixed with a classic outdoor location that those in the UK will see every day of the week - outside the House of Lords Pay Per Click 24 hour coverage on Pay Per Click campaigns is an absolute must as we have pointed out, but we also employ continuous multi variant testing and systems which ensure your budgets go further.

We hope you enjoyed those videos, all our future posts will discuss how we made them and how you can make video work for your business. Or just make contact, we offer Video Marketing as a service to clients too!

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